Meeting with Claire Mougenot

Rencontre avec Claire Mougenot
It was in 2011 that Claire decided to create Luz Collection, an eco-responsible clothing brand. We met her in August 2022, when she was pregnant with her second child. With us, she shares her advice for a fulfilling pregnancy...
How are you coping with this new pregnancy?
Serene! I had a few tests before that allowed me to go from
luck it is to be pregnant again so I take advantage!
How do you organize your schedule as an entrepreneur with your family life and this pregnancy?
My husband is wonderful, he helps me whenever he can and does it a lot! I work a lot but as it's a real pleasure I don't feel the work/family split in a disturbing way.
What are your little pleasures as a pregnant woman?
The benevolence of people, the gentle look they have on you is touching.
What are your tips for a fulfilling pregnancy?
We all go there!! I watch series from the Middle Ages and you quickly relativize 😂 on pregnancy now, we have a crazy chance to see, know, be followed etc..
How do you choose your maternity clothes? What do you expect from it?
I only have PALOMA dresses and 2 jeans. The rest I adapted :)
What looks have you adopted to accompany the new curves of your body?
Dresses / dresses / dresses . Pregnant it's nice to show the legs, it's the place that takes less weight.
What did you like about Paloma collection?
The incredible cut, it's the 1st time that I felt “sexy” pregnant! as soon as I put it on, I get compliments. The material is also so nice!
What is your favorite piece at Paloma Collection?
The black dress!
Can you describe your brand Luz Collection?
Luz is an eco-responsible light brand since 2011 that accompanies women in sport!!!
What do you like the most in your job?
Working with my sister and the people I meet.
Where do you draw your inspirations from?
Pinterest / Instagram for me the networks are an incredible artistic breeding ground.
What synergies with Paloma Collection?
The women ! The desire to sublimate them.
What are some exciting new things coming your way this year?
So many things, I feel like pregnancy has brought me so many new things! A lifestyle line, crazy collaborations, our development in the United States with a brand, the launch of our Wellness program (retreat, holistic day, festival), a Lounge WEAR collection and more!