Meeting with Iris de La Villardière

Rencontre avec Iris de La Villardière

It is with her childhood friend, Thomas Montier Leboucher, that Iris created the jewelry brand Viltier in 2020. Their collections are produced in their Parisian workshop from stones and materials that meet the criteria of responsible luxury jewelry.

Uncompromising on this point, they only use Fairmined gold from artisanal mining organizations with ethical practices.

Viltier, a contraction of their surnames, offers jewelry classics revisited with a modern twist. Their jewelry is radiant and colorful, elegant and timeless.

We met Iris, pregnant with her first child, in Paris in her studio. Creations, desires, inspirations... We discussed together his desires and future projects.

When did you know you wanted to create jewelry and how was Viltier born?
I've always loved buying jewelry, it's really a passion to wear and collect them, so at some point I thought it was time to create them too.

I found Thomas who was a childhood friend when I worked at Stone Paris. He was also in the jewelry business and that's when we asked ourselves the question of setting up a brand together and that Viltier was born.

Can you describe the Viltier creations to us?

Viltier pieces are present, colorful and very sunny. We wanted to get out of skin jewelry and offer jewelry that is present and generous while being very easy to wear in life.

What do you like the most in your job?

I like my freedom in my work and the fact of being able to touch on all the subjects of a client meeting, the organization of an event, a shooting, etc.

Where do you draw your inspirations from?

I am inspired by many things. I love seeing the women around me wearing jewelry, I love photography, exhibitions, meeting new people, all of these things inspire me.


Who is the woman wearing Viltier?

The woman who wears Viltier is not really old, she is a young or a little less young woman who likes to have fun and who asserts herself. She is a woman who loves life, yellow and beauty.

What are some exciting new things coming your way this year?

We are going to present a new collection in September which will be a very strong and fun collection! And then other projects and always a surprise!

This is our first child, it's a big upheaval in life... and in his body.

How are you dealing with this pregnancy?

The beginning of my pregnancy was a little emotionally complicated, but from the end of the 3rd month, I felt a change and now I live it rather well. Every day is different.

What are your little pleasures as a pregnant woman?
My pleasures are to listen to me, to rest and to eat!

A beauty product you can't live without?
It's not really a product, but I really like, and have been trying to do it more regularly since I'm pregnant, dry brushing before I shower. And I continue, because it's something I also did before ending with a cold shower, only on my legs if I didn't have the courage.

How do you choose your maternity clothes? What do you expect from it?
I love that my maternity clothes don't look like maternity clothes. I want to wear original things, close to the body or loose and joyful! I want to be very comfortable, feminine and chic.

What looks have you adopted to accompany the new curves of your body?

A lot of maternity jeans with blouses or shirts and otherwise a lot of dresses including three from Paloma that I love!

What is your favorite piece at Paloma Collection?
I really like the Monica dress, I find it very easy, it's chic and sexy!

If you had to choose one Viltier jewel to wear with our Thelma dress, which one would it be?
With my Thelma dress, I wear the Magnetic ring in malachite! It goes very well with the color, or the Magnetic Duo earrings in malachite too if it's for a wedding or another occasion.

Paloma and Iris de la Villardière collection

Paloma and Iris de la Villardière collection

Paloma and Iris de la Villardière collection

Paloma and Iris de la Villardière collection

Paloma and Iris de la Villardière collection

Paloma and Iris de la Villardière collection