The Paloma team

La team Paloma

She's Charlotte, and I'm Maylis.

We met because our lovers had the brilliant idea of ​​moving to Lisbon. Parisian at heart, we immediately fell in love with each other!

Charlotte is a stylist, she has already worked for the greatest: Sézane, Hermès, Lacoste… She is passionate about fashion and above all beautiful materials! She loves the decoration and the brunches on Sundays all day long (you will have understood it, she created it in the team).

For the record, Charlotte had a little girl a few months ago, and guess her first name? Paloma <3

And me, Maylis, former E-business Manager, I learned my skills at Sandro, Livy, Clarins or Make Up For Ever.

I'm the geek of the team… not very sexy but if you see Paloma posts every day it's thanks (or because) of me… I like kitesurfing, which I practice with my family; I also read, especially novels to fall asleep.

I also have 2 adorable little monsters, Constantin 5 years old and Joséphine 2 years old (she's the little monster in the story…) and a 3rd little monster for very soon!

Charlotte and I embarked on this somewhat crazy challenge in September 2021.

This idea came to us because around us, everyone was unanimous, well all the (ex)pregnant women were unanimous in saying that being pregnant and sexy was not easy. So we set out: to create an innovative, responsible and ultra-comfortable wardrobe for pregnant women; all accompanied by a positive spirit for everyone in pregnancy!

Paloma is a pregnant and sexy woman, she is a woman who gives life and stays fulfilled. She tames this new silhouette and dares to highlight this new femininity to continue to please, to feel seductive and balanced.

We let you discover more here.

Enjoy your pregnancy, feel free, feel gorgeous

Happy to bloom!