The benefits of prenatal and postnatal yoga

Les bénéfices du Yoga prénatal et postnatal

We recently met Céline, a yoga teacher based in Lisbon, she gave us all the benefits of prenatal yoga to feel good...

A pregnancy (including the 4th trimester!) is probably the most intense and fascinating period of a woman's life. I didn't say it was the easiest!

Yoga can be an amazing way to support yourself. With proper and regular yoga practice, you will:

  • Sleep better, digest better , keep your body mobile and have good circulation.
  • Reduce pain and better manage the discomfort associated with pregnancy such as lower back pain for example, cramps, and other frequent inconveniences. 
  • Prepare your body and breath for birth. We teach techniques during prenatal yoga classes that make labor and birth easier.
  • Thanks to post-natal yoga, gently recover your body after birth . It is a question of working on the physical level of course but also in a more subtle way on the mental level and knowing how to reclaim a body that has changed.
  • In the long term, gain confidence in motherhood.

Prenatal yoga taught by trained specialists is practiced throughout pregnancy in individual classes or in small groups (maximum 4-5 participants). The teacher will take care to adapt the practice well to the future mother. 

To your mats! "