Meeting with Claire, naturopath: tips for a fulfilling pregnancy

Rencontre avec Claire, naturopathe : tips pour une grossesse épanouie

We met Claire Colson, naturopath between Paris and Lisbon. She listed some essential tips for a fulfilling pregnancy:

“Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful moments in life and it should be honored. 

However, not all future mothers experience this stage of transformation in the same way. Some are enchanted (thanks to the hormones!) and others much less (love the nausea and the legs like poles!! …).

So how to make this time a privileged moment and ride the wave of unconditional love that is created at the time of conception long before baby shows up? 

Here are some natural tips that will allow you to live your pregnancy in the best possible way, bypassing the small inconveniences.

In naturopathy, we support future mothers in a holistic way. We consider the being as a whole with several dimensions: the body, the heart and the mind. Without forgetting the energy that sustains the whole.

The main pillars are: food and environment, physical exercise, emotional management and rest.

  • As a preventive measure, we recommend a so-called “hypotoxic” diet. That is to say that we reduce the toxins for the baby and we return to a less industrial and more natural diet.

For a pregnant woman, we are not going to advise eating twice as much, but rather twice as much.

We drink quality still water (Mont Roucous, Volvic, spring water) or with osmosis filtered water in glass bottles, at room temperature, regularly and rather outside of meals.

We are returning to a more "raw" diet with good fiber, seasonal and local products.

We prefer organic ++++++ with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We compose our plate with a share of light quality animal proteins (poultry/eggs/fish/a little pasteurized cheese made from goat's milk/sheep's milk), starchy foods (rice, quinoa, integral or gluten-free pasta, etc.) rather Wholemeal or legumes and vegetables.

For vegans, we think of combining starchy foods and legumes during the same meal.

We consume good fats such as oilseeds (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, etc...) and we season with good cold-pressed oils, favoring omega 3 (olive oil, rapeseed, flax...)

We eat 1 to 2 times a week maximum cooked wild fish (we forget the so-called farmed fish) to avoid too many heavy metals in the body due to the pollution of our waters. 

We avoid industrial sugars and prefer natural sugars such as coconut sugar, agave syrup, honey and whole fruits. We avoid fruit juices which will raise your blood sugar too much and cause mini reaction pumps.

We set aside: 

- Raw vegetables if you don't wash them and don't prepare them yourself. 

- Raw and unpasteurized products.

- The idea of ​​doing a detox during her pregnancy because it is the baby who would recover all the toxins evacuated.

- Microwave cooking in plastic containers to avoid endocrine disruptors.

  • Physical exercise is to be preferred throughout the 9 months while adapting its practice, unless contraindicated by your gynecologist or attending physician.

We move, being careful not to do unsuitable sports (gentle walking, prenatal yoga, gentle Pilates, aquatic yoga, stretching, etc.). Movement is essential for good blood and lymphatic circulation to keep beautiful legs to the end. The digestive organs are also activated, which prevents bloating and acid reflux and promotes intestinal transit. It also allows you to sleep better and have a better libido, etc….

Sport is also a formidable anti-stress weapon… which brings us to the next pillar.

  • An emotional management practice can be very useful: breathing, meditation, cardiac coherence, sophrology, hypnosis, yoga, inspiring readings, etc… everything is good for the baby, the future mother and let's not forget the dad. This period of transition and adaptation can put some nerves to the test and learning to manage your emotions can be life-saving…especially on D-Day!
  • In naturopathy, we advocate alternating work/rest. Consider being pregnant and bringing the baby to term is a full-time job and a superwoman's schedule when she arrives. It is highly recommended to rest regularly to accompany the growth of the baby and to store reserves of patience and energy which will be necessary at the time of his arrival.

Rest can take many forms: naps, hot baths, reading, relaxation, music...

Here are some first naturopathic keys to allow you to live naturally these 9 months with peace of mind and happiness. Take care of yourself. »

Claire Colson