How to be well supported during your pregnancy?

Comment être bien accompagné pendant sa grossesse ?

Pregnancy is an exceptional period of life. A real daily upheaval, a period of unique transformation which can be both a source of wonder and a source of questions and apprehensions.

Motherhood can awaken hidden parts of your own story. Added to this are the aspirations, desires and wishes of each person... In this phase of your life, it is therefore natural to ask questions, to experience doubts and to seek support to find balance and enjoy peacefully of your pregnancy.

Specialists to support you

At Paloma Collection, we completely understand this feeling. This is why we are committed to offering you maternity clothes in which you feel good, you feel beautiful and simply yourself. We work on our cuts so that they perfectly fit your new curves while offering you great comfort. Be free, shine, shine ✨

To support you on a daily basis, it is also important to be surrounded by health, maternity and parenting specialists. Here are our favorite communities, spaces and applications that support you every day in your pregnancy and in your role as a parent.

Ask them all your questions, share your doubts, they will support you and answer you without taboo or judgment:

The Community round

La Ronde is a caring community that will bring you keys, support and love.

La Ronde is a participatory media and you choose the subjects covered. These are also meetings for women, around their maternity, from conception to postpartum.

La Ronde is also professionals who are there for you, who provide you with their knowledge and their listening skills without judgment.

La Ronde is real life, with real women and real stories 🧡

Gyneceum, House of Women

Gynécée is an innovative, warm and cocooning space dedicated to the needs of women. There is a range of personalized “care and well-being” courses that address women’s issues: puberty, fertility, maternity, menopause, etc.

Gynécée is committed to supporting you and helping you find fulfillment by offering individual consultations, online conferences, workshops and even sports classes.

May, the parents' app

May is a unique application that supports (future) parents by offering them valuable support to experience pregnancy peacefully, to flourish and to find their balance and that of their children.

May is a messaging service where you can ask all your questions to a team of health professionals. It is also essential daily information from the start of pregnancy until your child starts school, articles and practical sheets, masterclasses and tools that make everyday life easier.

My louves, your pregnancy & postpartum program

My Louves is an exclusive program designed to offer you support during this time when you are embracing motherhood (or rediscovering it). My Louves supports you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

You will benefit from access to a multitude of resources, experts and meetings, so that you feel truly understood, listened to, reassured, informed and prepared.
Because in this incredible adventure, you are the essential element 🌸