BEAUTY / Our essential care for pregnancy

BEAUTÉ / Nos soins indispensables pour la grossesse
Pregnant, your skin is often put to the test. During your pregnancy, your belly pulls, the skin itches, and sometimes stretch marks appear.
Initially and throughout your pregnancy, it is important to moisturize the skin well, from the morning so that it remains supple all day.
However, it is sometimes often difficult to find the ideal care to relieve these inconveniences throughout your pregnancy.
We have listed below some beauty treatments that we believe are essential for a comfortable pregnancy.

- 100% sweet almond oil, preferably organic. In organic stores or simply on Amazon.
An ally before and after pregnancy to prevent the appearance of stretch marks but also to reduce the appearance of those that have already recently appeared .
An organic and 100% mama safe global care oil, essential for pregnancy and postpartum.

This oil hydrates, protects, firms and repairs, it preserves the elasticity of the skin throughout pregnancy.

Happy to bloom!