Meeting with Laure Chevrillon

Rencontre avec Laure Chevrillon

Meeting with the talented Laure who created the brand of pretty Venetian slippers Bleu Velvet. She tells us about her journey and her feelings through this first pregnancy.

When did you know you wanted to create Venetian slippers and how Bleu Velvet was born?

Discovered in Venice during a trip, I have always loved furlane, which I wore all summer.
I had wanted to offer them in France at an affordable price for a while. I first contacted Italian family businesses, which made handmade Venetian slippers for my friends and me.
And one thing leading to another, Bleu Velvet was born. The name, the logo and the visual universe is inspired by David Lynch whose aesthetic I really like.
The project was born thanks to all those who lent themselves to the game with me, I had the chance to be surrounded by friends for the AD, the shootings, the e-commerce experience, the distribution,...

Can you describe the BLEU VELVET creations to us?

Velvet furlane is the ultimate chic product: precious, artisanal, timeless, it appeals to all ages and is suitable for all seasons. We decline it in a selection of colors all year round and occasionally offer capsule collections with fabrics such as Liberty, silk or cotton Ikat.

Describe the Bleu Velvet woman to us.

Absolute freedom, elegance and simplicity!

How are you coping with this first pregnancy?

I found it difficult at first to accept that life slowed down, I'm quite independent, active and a night owl, but I ended up finding it rather pleasant. The calm before the storm !

What are your little pleasures as a pregnant woman?

Meals of course, and pasta mainly 😊

What looks have you adopted to accompany you during pregnancy?

It took me a long time to find pieces that were both stylish and comfortable! I've tried on a few maternity jeans, I find them uncomfortable and that black band around the belly doesn't allow you to match them with much.
I spent the summer in Thelma Bleue and Flower Power dresses, Issey Miyake pleated pants with large oversized shirts, then the fall in Comporta Black pants, which go up high and allowed me to put my tops back on. before pregnancy. Obviously assorted furlane, plum and electric blue my favorites.

What is your favorite piece at Paloma Collection?

I would say the Comporta Noir pants, which are beautiful, incredibly comfortable, and go with everything!
I also gave it to friends, best pregnancy gift.