Meeting with Juliana Cavalcanti

Rencontre avec Juliana Cavalcanti

This week we meet the beautiful Juliana Cavalcanti. This lovely Brazilian has lived in Lisbon for 15 years now and is pregnant with her first child at 41 years old. She confides...

How do you live this first pregnancy at 41 years old?

Psychologically it's a really good time for me because I feel more mature than before and prepared for the baby that's coming soon. On the other hand, of course physically, it's a bit more challenging but I can't complain so far I've only had the basic inconveniences of pregnancy.

What is it like to be pregnant in Lisbon?

To be honest, you feel really special. People are very nice and attentive to pregnant women, you can feel the love they have for you. The weather and the quality of life we ​​have here in Lisbon allows me to feel peaceful and happy during this period of pregnancy.

How are you going to organize yourself between your life as a designer and your life as a future mother?

It is now my challenge but I am convinced that I will succeed like all women with a career and a child can do. I love working and it's very important in my life, so I believe that if I'm fulfilled professionally I'll be an even better mother. So I am already organizing myself to have the necessary support so that this is possible.

How do you choose your maternity clothes? What do you expect from it?

To be honest I only use Paloma Collection! For me, two things are really important:

- Clothing must be comfortable

- I must, even if I am pregnant, still feel pretty. As it is a moment with so much change in our body, which is not always easy to assume.

What looks have you adopted to accompany the new curves of your body?

I generally choose the look that assumes the belly rather than the one that hides it. I feel better in clothes that follow the shape of my belly with comfort. Sometimes I just like to wear an open shirt or jacket to let it show more subtly. That's why Paloma Collection is perfect for me.

What did you like about Paloma collection?

I think you understand women like me, who seek comfort, beauty and the needs of pregnancy. For all the clothes for pregnant women that I have experienced, this is the best combination I have ever seen.

What is your favorite piece at Paloma Collection?

Pants because they are the most flexible to create different looks and you can have fun pairing them with a lot of things.

Now let's talk about your life in Portugal...

Why do you live there and for how long?

I have lived in Portugal for 15 years. I came for two weeks with a friend who lived there while I was living in Milan and I felt so good that I stayed and settled there.

What are your favorite addresses? And for the children?

My favorite address as well as the one for children is the beach which is so close to Lisbon. Because it allows us, for example, to have fantastic lunches and dinners at any time of the week.

What do you like about your everyday life in Lisbon? What inspiration?

I like the quality of life that this city provides, the weather that allows me to be outside very often. I also love the amazing people from different cultures and backgrounds that I meet every day. Finally I like the fact that we can be in different places outside the city very easily. All this is really very inspiring for a creative like me.

What are some exciting new things coming your way this year? (apart from your pregnancy 😉)

I believe it's a year to come where I will grow my design studio with new projects, and I know better in which direction I want to go.

I am more and more exploring hotel and restaurant projects which are always interesting and exciting.

All this, of course, in addition to the arrival of the baby, creates great expectation for me regarding the year ahead of us.