The Paloma locker room

Le vestiaire Paloma
Paloma builds innovative, responsible and comfortable fashion for pregnant women

An innovative wardrobe
We have chosen to offer a timeless collection, punctuated with prints chosen over the seasons.
Our creations are the result of a long design research aimed at offering the ideal pieces that will sublimate the woman throughout her pregnancy.
We want to highlight this new femininity, cuts that emphasize rounded hips, a generous chest, bare shoulders.
We want to offer a wardrobe that embellishes the pregnant woman and gives her the certainty of being beautiful and well in her body.

An ultra-comfortable locker room
This is one of the strongest particularities of our creations. Being beautiful and radiant when pregnant is possible, but you have to feel good and comfortable in your clothes, day and night.
Our collection is built around jersey, this material has the particularity of combining comfort, aesthetics and resistance.
We have sourced this material in Italy, from the largest jersey suppliers in Milan, Florence and on the shores of Lake Como.
This material is soft and will accompany you for each of your pregnancies without losing its shine!

A responsible locker room
The quality of the materials is important to us, both in terms of comfort, quality and also ethics.
Our materials are OEKO-TEX certified and our creations are made by hand, in our workshop in Lisbon.
We are committed to more responsible and sustainable fashion, to local and quality production.
You are going to love being pregnant… experience your maternity in Paloma!
Happy to bloom!