Long live the start of the school year!

Vive la rentrée !

The start of the school year is here, and with it, the return to work and daily activities. This period of renewal is exciting, but this frenzy can also be tiring for pregnant women.
At Paloma Collection, we have therefore thought of some ideas that can help you experience this moment with serenity: look ideas, an association that wishes you well, superfoods... It's all there 👇

What maternity clothes to wear to work?

We know that it is not always easy to find elegant and comfortable maternity clothes, suitable for office life. We have therefore imagined a few pieces that are particularly suitable in a professional environment:

- Fluid and elegant maternity pants : they are undoubtedly the essential piece of pregnant women 's wardrobe. It is your best ally to flourish during your pregnancy, to feel good, free and confident. For a sharp look, pair it with an oversized boyfriend shirt and pretty moccasins.

- The long-sleeved maternity top : this timeless of our collection is made locally in our Lisbon workshop. Its fabric is a soft, very stretchy Italian jersey. It will accompany the evolution of your curves throughout your pregnancy by wrapping you in a cocoon of softness.

- The maternity skirt : this is it feminine piece that adapts to all your desires! Easy to wear, it enhances your silhouette, lengthens your legs and accompanies your pretty rounded belly. Warm it up with a soft cashmere sweater in winter, create a mix and match of prints in summer with our matching top... Dare, be yourself, be irresistible 🧡

Share, exchange, be well supported

After a mild and sunny summer, the return can sometimes be a source of stress and questions. An active and caring association is there for you: the Ronde Community.

La Ronde is a participatory media and you choose the subjects covered. These are also meetings for women, around their maternity, from conception to postpartum. Professionals are there for you, providing you with their knowledge and listening without judgment.


Reduce mental load

May is an application designed to support (future) parents by offering them valuable support to experience pregnancy peacefully, to thrive and find their balance, as well as that of their children.

You will find useful information on pregnancy, wellness advice, and even meditations to relax. The May app is like your digital pregnancy companion, always there to support you.

Immerse yourself in their articles, their practical sheets and masterclasses which make everyday life easier.


Boost your energy

Fatigue is a frequent companion during pregnancy, especially during the start of school when everything speeds up. If you need a boost, we recommend visiting the Joly Mama website.

Joly Mama offers a selection of products and food supplements specially adapted for pregnant women to give you energy. The products offered are both healthy and delicious.

Take care of yourself 🤰