Mama Rosaé: sweet herbal teas for your pregnancy

Mama Rosaé: des tisanes toutes douces pour votre grossesse
We discovered the first French brand of infusions dedicated to maternity and pregnant women.
Finally here is a sweetness to consume without moderation for all pregnant women and throughout your pregnancy.
These infusions, specially designed for maternity, have been designed by a trained nurse, in order to bring a state of complete well-being to mothers and future mothers and allow them to overcome all the upheavals they experience throughout their lives. pregnancies.

These infusions are sweet and natural.
They accompany you not only during your pregnancy but also before conception and also during breastfeeding.

We have a soft spot for the two special pregnancy herbal teas below:

Discover this very gentle infusion composed of 100% feminine plants.
It will promote a natural, fast, gentle birth, but also give you a good boost for this last straight line thanks to the energizing nettle!

Fresh Mint Digest
Nausea and other inconveniences of pregnancy have just made their appearances! This mixture of digestive and stimulating plants will help you pass the Cape!

Happy to bloom!